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Explore, Enjoy, Engage with the Good Land.



Good Land Guides provides Wisconsin based adventure, travel, and experiences within the vast nature and the vibrant cities that call the state home.  


Adventures, Tours, and Services

Sign up for each adventure opens two months prior for the public! These adventures can range from camping weekends in the backcounty of the great northwoods, to tours of breweries and creameries in towns and cities filled with their own, unique personalities. Each adventure will have a limited amount of spots available and prices vary from adventure to adventure!

Good Land Guides also provides personal adventures for private groups, scout troops, schools, family getaways, and business team trips! Inquiries, requests, and bookings can be made by emailing!   


Giving back to the state we love.

Good Land Guides believe that in order to enjoy Wisconsin and all of the adventure it holds for us, we need to help protect and enhance it as much as possible. While we offer adventures monthly, we also offer monthly volunteer opportunities for many different causes! One month you may find yourself cleaning up a state park trail, the next you could be helping out a local animal shelter, in a few more you could be helping with outreach about our state at a festival or gathering! Above all, our goal by coming together as Wisconsinites is to create a community filled with pride in where we are from and make sure that we truly are the best land we can be!  


“I've been all over this country, but I'm proud to be the Wisconsin Rambler.”

Jacob D. Bach I  FOunder


About the lead guide.

Growing up on the south side of Milwaukee, Jacob D. Bach constantly found himself outside. In his teens, Jacob earned his Eagle Scout award. Balancing his love of the outdoors and entertaining people, Jacob works as a camp counselor as well as an improv coach. While working on an acting degree he found the call of the wilderness just too great and focused his time on traveling the United States. After extensive travel Jacob realized he was truly fascinated for his home state and the diverse people that live in Wisconsin. In 2016, Jacob visited every state park in Wisconsin. While on a camping trip along the Menominee River with his uncle, his father (and maybe a bottle of moonshine), the idea for Good Land Guides was born.

Jacob’s training includes WFA (Wilderness First Aid) Certification, NOLS Backpacking and Leadership training, Boy Scout of America Youth Protection Training and serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Outing Coordinator as well as communications skills garnered from 10+ years of improv and team building workshops at ComedySportz.


Welcome to the good land

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